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A Growth Journey of Surrender and Transformation


a challenging word.

I’m stuck


The flesh sets me back.

Flailing, falling,

stumbling, crawling,

daily growth seems stalling. 

I know me,

God knows me,

all of me

yet loves me,

is for me.

The audacity.


I’m afraid of the word.

Not enough,

never enough.

More and more,

there are more and more.

I feel less and less.

Rising, running,

dying, living.

Daily growth is not me.

It’s the Spirit in me.

I’ve been set free of me.

Greater is He.


We wrestle with the word,

lament the word,

mask the word,

insecure, perturbed 

by the Word.

Growth for growth’s sake,

man’s sake,

a church’s sake,

is a bad dream.

Let us awake.

Growth is God’s plan,

His Divine plan for man.

He the executioner,

we the receiver.

He the forgiver,

we the forgiven

He the life-giver,

we the Life-proclaimers.

Growth makes the liar linger,

linger to lie in our ears.


Don’t try, don’t trust,

don’t dream, don’t release.


Strain gnats,

hide from truth,

huddle in siloed clans

while the masses perish.


Growth is God’s Word.

Do not be afraid

Growth is God’s mission. 

Do not be afraid

Though the mission is hard.

Do not be afraid

God wants all His kids back.

Do not be afraid

Jesus died and rose.

Do not be afraid

Jesus ascended and reigns.

Do not be afraid

The Holy Spirit is here.

Do not be afraid

Creating, sustaining.

Do not be afraid

Empowering, releasing.

Do not be afraid

Confessing, forgiving.

Do not be afraid

Proclaiming the Gospel.

Do not be afraid

His Kingdom is here, now.

Do not be afraid

The Days are short.

Do not be afraid

The King is coming.

Do not be afraid

Until then,


God’s growth.



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