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Pastor - Christ Greenfield

Tim is a third-generation pastor with 13 years of pastoral experience with a doctorate in Organizational Leadership emphasizing missional and collaborative traits of pastoral leaders. You can read his doctorate here. Tim helped unite and mobilize a struggling church to become healthy, start new ministries for diverse people groups, and launch a multi-site ministry approach using home-grown leaders. He specializes in innovative thinking with a passion for the convergence of vision and execution. He has experience guiding churches, pastors, and leaders toward achieving their fullest potential through several group consultations and one-on-one Coaching Opportunities. Tim has been married 17 years to his high school sweetheart - he married way up. Jesus gave them three sweet and delightfully (most of the time) different children. When not mentoring others or reading, you can find Tim on the golf course in sunny Arizona!



Christ Greenfield Operational Executive Director

Jack is a retired U.S. Army veteran of 22 years, where he served as a musician of the US Army Band and as a certified Master Resiliency Trainer.  In the public sector, he earned a degree in Finance and worked extensively in corporate finance, commercial lending, technology, and small business development.   Jack began his career in executive church leadership 15 years ago.  As an experienced professional, Jack has been asked to teach at several national and district level conferences.  He is an experienced operational church consultant, specializing in church systems & strategy, and is currently enrolled at Kairos University completing his Masters in Christian Leadership.   Jack lives in Mesa, Az with his wonderful wife of 20 years and his teenage son.  He continues to live out his passion for playing music.  Today, you can find him jamming on the drums with the worship team most Sundays at Christ Greenfield’s Gilbert Campus.

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Unite Leadership Director of Engagement Development

Affiliating herself with the church for the first time in 2015, Tania would consider herself a “New Believer.” Yet, her mentors immediately saw her leadership potential and passion for Christ. In 2019, Tania was asked to join the ULC team, bringing her IT skills and adaptive self-starter skills to take on many different roles before settling into her role as Director. She has a BA in Christian Thought & Practice and is certified with the Association of Biblical Counselors. She is happily married since 2007 with three kiddos who keep her on her toes. Currently pursuing her Master's in Divinity, Tania aims to help individuals identify areas of spiritual, personal, and vocational challenges where they might feel stuck, guiding them through the transformative power of God's Word and promises through Biblical Counseling.

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Pastor – Bethel Dallas; Director – Strategic Partnership with LHOS

Chris Holder brings over 25 years of ministry experience, transitioning from roles as a youth minister and DCE to his current position as a pastoral leader. For more than a decade, he has focused on revitalizing churches and fostering intercultural ministries in urban settings. As the leader of a multicultural church in East Dallas, TX, offering worship in English, Spanish, and Kinyarwanda, Chris is actively developing a fully integrated model for ministry. He is deeply committed to empowering churches to engage with and serve their communities authentically. Chris's dedication extends to nurturing and mentoring emerging leaders; he currently guides two vicars and several lay leaders at Bethel. Additionally, Chris is passionate about Soul Care for ministry leaders, co-leading a monthly gathering in the DFW area. His doctoral thesis, Hug Your Cactus – An Approach to Soul Care, explores embracing and integrating all aspects of one's soul for holistic well-being. Beyond his professional pursuits, Chris enjoys spending time with many close friends and his adult daughter, indulging in interests like history, sports, travel, and new adventures.



Unite Leadership Editor

Rachel is the dedicated Editor of the Unite Leadership Collective, where she channels her exceptional editing prowess into refining blogs, scripts, and our website. Balancing a fulfilling writing career with her role as a devoted wife and mother, Rachel embodies the essence of harmonious work-life integration. With a sharp eye for detail and a background in communication, she meticulously crafts and polishes content that encapsulates the ULC's vision. Rachel's unwavering commitment to fostering effective leadership and community engagement underscores her role. Through her multi-faceted approach to life, Rachel Grack continues to inspire others to strive for excellence in all facets of their lives.

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