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Unlocking Church Growth: The One-Person Rule for Powerful Leadership Development

We all know that strong leadership is essential for a thriving church, but how can we make sure we're continuously nurturing and growing the leaders within our congregation? Today, I'll share one key strategy that has proven effective based on the research conducted by Leadership Network.

We call this the One Person Rule. This rule states that Someone on the senior team wakes up daily thinking about leadership development.

To create an environment where leadership development thrives, someone on the senior team must wake up each day thinking about it. It's best if this passion for leadership development resides in the Lead Pastor, as they influence the most in shaping the church culture. However, the passion could also come from the "second-in-command" or another influential senior team member.

This leadership development champion should be responsible for fostering leadership growth across the church. They must be committed to giving their energy and passion towards developing leaders, creating opportunities for potential leaders to emerge, and supporting the growth of existing leaders. This person is the driving force that keeps leadership development at the forefront of the church's agenda.

Without a designated champion, the focus on leadership development can easily get lost in the busyness of preparing for the weekend and managing the myriad of ministries that happen throughout the week. TIP: Leadership development never screams; it's often a silent process that more pressing concerns can quickly overshadow. That's why it's crucial to have someone on the lead team who ensures that the multiplication of leaders remains a critical organizational focus.

When you have a dedicated person on your senior team who's passionate about leadership development, incredible things can happen within your church. Here are some positive outcomes you can expect: First is a more robust leadership pipeline and a normalized culture of empowerment. Next, your organization will have greater resilience, and it will be able to mobilize people toward increased impact.

So, if you want to take your church to new heights, start by making leadership development a top priority. Designate someone on your senior team to champion this cause and watch as your church experiences the benefits of a strong leadership pipeline, a culture of empowerment, and increased resilience and impact in the community.

Remember, when someone in authority is passionate and dedicated to the cause of leadership development, the rest will follow.

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