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Embracing Eternity in Every Ticking Moment: A Reflection on Time, Redemption, and Living Fully

Not all of our blogs are like this…but today’s is. 


Faster and faster, trying to keep up. 

Failing, flailing, falling, finished. 


Ashamed of times past. 

Awe-filled moments fade. 

Shame-filled moments invade. 


Moments are holy. 

This moment is holy. 

Fully present to breathe the Spirit’s pure air, 

So sinfully infrequent. 

Ashamed of the past. 

Fearful of the future. 


Enter the One who spoke time into existence. 

Enter the One who stepped into time for you, 

For me, 

For the world. 


Look back past your sin to the One who bore it, 

Became it. 

Look forward to the One who will restore it, 

All of it. 

Look inward to the One who dwells inside you, 

In me. 

By faith, 

In this moment, 

Look out with courage. 

Fear suffocated by love, 

Perfect Love. 

Run with the One who smiles over you, 

All the time. 

Smile back. 



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2 comentários

11 de mar.

I may write a bit more like this in the future. Grateful for you, Rick!


Membro desconhecido
11 de mar.

Tim, I really enjoyed these poetic reflections . . . so honest, genuine, you pointed me to Christ in a way that I felt it! Thank you brother!

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