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5 Reason To Move Your Body More

I know it's not easy, but finding time to move your body each day is a great way to be a healthy leader. There are lots of benefits that come with moving your body, like helping you focus and be present in the moment. And throughout history, many holy figures have been proponents of movement—including Jesus himself! This article will describe how moving your body can benefit both your mind and spirit so that you can live a healthier life today.

Movement benefits the mind.

Movement benefits the mind.

When you move your body, it helps you process information, focus, and even reduce stress. This is because physical activity stimulates brain chemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine that improve mood and cognition. What’s more: when you exercise, your brain releases endorphins—also known as “feel-good hormones”—that work as natural painkillers and antidepressants!

Movement helps us be present to love others.

When you move, you’re present. When you’re present, your body language is more open and inviting. This is important because your body communicates how much love and respect you have for others.

Jesus was known for being able to get people out of their comfort zones and into the presence of God by moving them physically or emotionally—or both! Sometimes this happened through a miracle or story (like in the case of Zacchaeus), while other times Jesus would simply start dancing with people who were feeling down (like when he danced with Mary Magdalene at Simon's house). In all these instances, it was clear that Jesus was not just interested in saving souls; he wanted his disciples to enjoy life too!

When we move our bodies through exercise, movement allows us to be more present to those around us—and this can help us communicate love better than anything else could ever do!

Movement sets us up for inevitable long days.

Movement is a great way to keep yourself alert and productive. Exercise can make you more alert, but so can small engagement activities throughout the day like taking a walk and going up and down stairs. Movement also helps you stay focused and energized. Try doing some stretching or just standing up and walking around once an hour!

Remember to take breaks from your phone too—and remember to stretch!

Movement helps alleviate stress.

Movement is a great way to alleviate the stress that comes with modern life. Stress is a normal part of human existence, but when it's not managed properly, it can lead to serious health problems. For example, stress has been linked to heart disease and diabetes; both conditions are often initially caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits like lack of physical activity and poor nutrition choices.

In addition to helping you live healthier in general, moving your body can also serve as an outlet for emotions that may be causing you distress—like anger or frustration over something at work or home life (or even just traffic on the way there). If you feel yourself getting stressed out while watching Netflix series alone at home on Friday night after a long week at the office, try going out for an hour run instead. Or if exercising isn't really your thing—take up knitting instead! And remember: no matter what activity you choose do make sure that whatever activity suits your lifestyle best will get results quickly because research shows that people who exercise regularly enjoy better moods than those who don't (even if those activities don't necessarily involve physical exertion!).

Moving your body throughout your day will help you be a healthy person.

Here are some ways to move your body throughout your day:

  • Walk around the block. It's a great way to get energy and clear your head.

  • Take the stairs up or down instead of an elevator. You'll get more steps in and work on your posture, too!

  • Stand when you're talking on the phone or texting someone instead of sitting, which means that you'll be moving while being productive! Plus, standing makes you look more approachable when speaking with people face-to-face (and they'll like that).

  • Do stretches while waiting for appointments/events/etc., like taking deep breaths every few minutes to stretch out those muscles! This is good not just because it's stretching but also because it will help keep things from getting stiff as time passes by if done often enough; plus it helps calm nerves when nervous about something big coming up or anxious about something happening soon afterward."

Whether you choose to exercise or not, there are many reasons why movement is important. Moving your body can help you reduce stress, be more present for others, and even alleviate symptoms of depression. It also gives us a chance to be mindful of the world around us by increasing our sensory experiences and helping us connect with people through shared activity.

Leaders should be movers! You are a leader. Be a mover.

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