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Learning Community

At the Unite Leadership Collective, we believe that equipping the priesthood of all believers starts with strong leaders who are the backbone of thriving church communities. ​In a world where leadership is crucial for bringing about positive change and inspiring growth, the role of a church leader is particularly significant and this is why the ULC has developed our learning community.


Whether you're a seasoned church leader seeking to enhance your leadership skills or someone stepping into a leadership role for the first time, serving in a small rural community, or part of a multi-campus congregation, our course offers a comprehensive roadmap for personal and communal growth. 

So, get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, skill refinement, and meaningful connections. Thank you for choosing the Church Engagement Leadership Development Course, and we're excited to see the remarkable transformations you'll achieve.


This course has already brought about growth and leadership development in our church. I started this course thinking it would check a box for the summer studies,  however it really has changed the way I minister and the importance of my role in creating a culture of leadership which hopefully will ensure that our church continues in the future.

This course was very helpful for a pastor in understanding their role to equip others for leadership and I have seen first hand the excitement in others as they are now empowered for ministry in our congregation.

Instructors presented the material in an effective and interesting manner. They made it clear that all concepts don't apply to all churches and that the students should feel free to use what would work in their ministry, and not feel obligated to check all the boxes.

The majority of this content was new to me, but it was so beneficial and I can see the benefits of using it in the church. I'm looking forward to using a lot of these concepts to further develop both my leadership and

I learned so much that I hadn't really connected with church settings. Combining a business mind with aministry calling is essential to growing disciples and maintaining a church.

The further we got into the class, the more interesting it was to me and the more resources I saw that I could glena from it.

The brevity of each lecture video made it so easy to go back and relisten. Several of them were viewed several times, and will be again.

This has immediate application for me with my ministry so I am already in the process of implementing it!

Well done, Introduced new concepts in looking at leadership. The length of videos was good not too long.

Real life examples, liked the different speakers talking from areas of expertise.

The instructors had great videos and so many lines that struck a chord with me and I'll hold onto.

I liked that different people did the lectures. Everyone has a different style and I get something from each person's style.

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